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An 8 gallon air compressor applies a principle whereby it converts power normally from an electric motor or a diesel engine into a potential energy which is stored as pressured air inside the tank. This stored pressured air will in-turn be used in various appliances ranging from house hold items to marine appliances that need floating effects. Among the uses will be discussed in the list below and its applications to activities in human life.


Gas Stations

One of the things you would expect to see in a gas station is a 8 gallon air compressor.It serves as the most ideal spot to install an 8 gallon air compressor since it receives most customers on daily basis who fuel and would want to check the pressure level of tires in their vehicles. Moreover, gas stations are located along the highways which may serve as the most convenient place to inflate tires after long journeys or in rush hour times.

In Inflating Boat

The most important thing that ensures buoyancy in an inflated boat is the compressed air. You don't want to spend the entire time struggling with inflating your boat rather than enjoying more time riding it. With an 8 gallon air compressor, work is made easier by not only saving you time needed to inflate the boat but also ensuring you safety since it pumps in enough air to keep you floating and a pressure gauge plays a major role.

In the Airports to Inflate Plane Tires

One of the safety procedures in plane industry is the state of tires since it plays a vital rule in both landing and take off. With an 8 gallon air compressor, work is made easy and faster since a plane operates in schedule. It operates in a system of balanced and fast filling principle where the pressure gauge is used to control the amount of pressure in the tire which reduces the doubt that the pressure might be too high or to low to support the weight of the plane, passengers and the luggage.

In general use in household activities

An 8 gallon air compressor can be used in various household activities that need a fast and convenient way of drawing in air. Among these activities is filling air mattresses which requires a more controlled and balanced distribution of air.Another factor is,it can be used in inflating private owned cars at home, bikes for children and for inflating homestead portable swimming pools which often requires a much advanced pressure guage such as that of an 8 gallon air compressor.