Best Central Pneumatic Compressors Review

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Central Pneumatic is a compressor company started in 1982. It has wide range of options for beginners, intermediate and experts. The company provides best values in various budget categories it is a great product to start for absolute beginners.

It would be time consuming and confusing for most people to go through the specification sheet and compare products for the relative value. This article provides the pros and cons of buying different central pneumatic products.

Central Pneumatic 2.5 Horsepower, 21 Gallon, 125 PSI Vertical Air Compressor

It has a high performance compressor with 2.5 HP and 21 Gallons capacity. It can be very well used for heavy duty applications and the price is also reasonable. it has a vertical air compressor which aids in easy portability. In spite of the huge weight of 97 lbs this machine is easy to handle.


Since it has a high performance motor and the tank can handle 25 gallons of air, this machine performs smoothly for longer periods of time. It is sturdy and has a single cylinder pump. it has other features such as pressure control knob to adjust the speed and power sandals vibration very efficiently and hence the technician does not get tired during continuous operation;


This machine comes at a higher cost and may only be affordable for high end operations where the returns can be made by means of continuous operation;

Central Pneumatic 1/3 Horsepower, 3 Gallon, 100 PSI Oilless Air Compressor

This machine has a traditional design and available at mid budget range. It has 1/3 Horsepower, 3 Gallon storage, 100 PSI compressor. This is a medium duty equipment and cannot be used for heavy duty applications. The compressor work smoothly. Since this is an oil less machine there is no maintenance cost involved. For professionals who seek slightly above average performance this is a great value for money within budget.


Good value buy for beginners. It has an easy to setup manual and you can start using the compressor in no time.It also boost the operation speed;


It is comparatively noisy and hence slightly uncomfortable to work with for longer periods of time;

Central Pneumatic 8 Gallon with 90PSI

It cost slightly above $100 and provide enough supply to power your operational requirements. It has a powerful induction motor and hence packs a powerful performance. It can be used for woodwork jobs, metal tools, or simple farmhouse work. This air compressor has a drain valve and air filter to protect the machineryfrom dust particles. It is one of the best values buys among the compressors in the market.


It has a cylindrical design and has a stylish look. It has a comfortable handle and it is highly portable. It has shrouded protection which minimizes impact form foreign objects;


It cannot be used for applications other than for driving power tools. Air Filter needs to be replaced at certain intervals thereby increasing the maintenance cost.