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Though Central Pneumatic is mostly not viewed as one of the top brands in the market, it is a professionals’ favorite. Contrasting right? Well, there is a reason for that, one of which is that they have an array of products which mostly cover all the different budget classes, rich, poor and those in the middle. Another reason, which cannot be taken lightly is that they have a variety of products for different levels of expertise, the beginners, intermediate and professionals, there is definitely something to use. These reasons among others are why Central Pneumatic products are usually recommended to newbies in the industry. Central Pneumatic was made for those on a budget as you are more likely to save money purchasing one of their products than most other brands of the same class.

For this reason, we chose to put together this article, to help those seeking to make an air compressor purchase in the nearest future. What we hope to achieve is enlighten you on what you should expect on the purchase of Central Pneumatic Eight Gallon Air Compressor.

A Brief Introduction To Central Pneumatic

Quite a number of people have not heard of the name, Central Pneumatic, but I guess most folks familiar store chains will know the name Harbor Freight. Harbor Freight is one of the most popular store chains in the whole of the US and they offer several classes of power tools for different classes of the society, both professionals, and amateurs. Central Pneumatic came on the scene years after the institution of Harbor Freight as one of its subsidiaries, one which concentrated solely on air compressors. To this effect, the first of her products was launched in 1982 and since then they have before a force to be reckoned with in the air compressor industry.

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The Central Pneumatic Eight Gallon Compressor

For compressors in its class, this is still one of the most affordable on the market, as you will just be spending a little above $100 to acquire one for your home. Regardless of its price, its performance and portability put it forward as one of the most sought after brands. Its 125PSI delivery system makes it easy to connect with any sort of pneumatic tool, flexibility at its best. Asides all of these amiable qualities, what strike one most, especially professionals, is the powerful build all embedded in a portable design. It is almost unimaginable.

Designed with utmost simplicity in mind, the compressor weighs just 64.5 pounds and with a handle placed in an ergonomical, it can be moved around quite easily. It also possesses an eight-gallon engine which is just a perfect fit for the machine, it comes in handy, and along with all these are movement enabling tires for easy transportation. I can guess what you are thinking right now, everything about the Central Pneumatic Eight Gallon Air Compressor just shouts ease and comfort.

The compressor has an air delivery of 4.5CFM at 90PSI, which could be adequate for almost any pneumatic tool there is out there. It is designed as an electric compressor and because of this, the machine’s energy consumption is worth commending. As a matter of fact, when you consider all these features, you wonder how come it is so affordable. Some additional features include, a drain valve for cleaning and an adjustable air regulator.

The features embedded in this beautiful machine, allow me to describe it as such, make it best suited for beginners with little experience of pneumatic tools.

A Few Things To Know About The Central Pneumatic Air Compressor

As you would have noticed the properties of the machine is almost flawless even though they are not quite popular at present. They are just adorable. Asides the high quality the product boasts of, which is related to all Central Pneumatic products, they also come at very affordable prices. Something else you must note is that the product is well suited for beginners, as I stated earlier, meaning it is user-friendly enough for a novice to pick up and use. Like other products from the Central Pneumatic line, you get an outstanding warranty, you are definitely sure of quality which will last for a very long time.

In wrapping up this article, there is no need to say but I must, that the air compressor is really a great buy which saves you some good amount of money.